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Hi my name is Kitty (short for Kitty Pryde) and this is my website where I review cat toys and other products.

calico cat

I love to destroy/eat things so the toys I love are perfect for prissy destructive cats. 🐾

Colorful Springs

Rating: 😻 I love em!
Bag of colorful plastic springs

Just like those bottle top things except I can't swallow them as easily! I like to chase them around and pick them up and bring them to humans. Also not very painful for humans to step on. I haven't broken any but I've lost most of them!


Midnight Crazies Balls

Rating: 😿 humans took these away
Balls with bells in them

These are called Midnight Crazies because I love to play with them at night when the humans are sleeping. Since they are hard and have bells, they make nice loud sounds. Humans didn't like this. Also they tripped over them and injured themselves. So these were rudely taken away from me.


Hartz Variety Pack

Rating: 😼 Some good ones, some bad ones.
Balls with bells in them

The sparkle balls are the best except I ate all the sparkles off of them. There are some midnight crazies in here that got taken away from me. The mice and fish are boring and not very catnippy. The wand is mildly entertaining.

Cat Amazing Puzzle

Rating: 😺 Not sure if I like having to work for my treats
Balls with bells in them

Humans used to just give me treats, now they put them in this box. It's a bit inconvenient and takes me some time to get stuff out of it. But honestly it's also a little fun. Sometimes I drop other toys in here and fish them out. They tried the "secret" extra hard level on me and I decided to eat the box rather than solve it.

Buy right meow

SmartyCat Hot Pursuit

Rating: 😺 I used to love it now I think it's just OK
Balls with bells in them

This kept me entertained for hours! I loved wondering where exactly the little "mouse" would pop up next. But now I kind of know what's gonna happen so I've decided to ignore this until they buy me something more exciting.

30 Piece Assorted Color Sparkle Balls Cat's Favorite Toy Tinsel

Rating: 😾 NOPE
Balls with bells in them

Wow the silly humans thought these were the same balls that I loved in the Hartz assortment. NOPE. You might not be able to see it, but they smell, taste, and look slightly different. RUINED.

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